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ADHD Diagnosis - my journey part 2

Driving home one afternoon I receive a call from the psychiatrist I'd met with for the first part of my assessment. This was now June and I'd had to chase a call back since February. However, this I realised was down to me as I'd given them the wrong number to contact me on and they had been trying (how adhd of me!).

I was told that they weren't taking my assessment any further as they believed I was suffering from anxiety and wasn't adhd. I was expecting a tough ride with this but didn't expect to be dismissed without any formal assessments having being done. I'd gone with numerous examples of how my adhd had been impairing my life. I said that I was happy to explore the anxiety they'd identified but it was secondary to adhd. I then asked who on the panel who made the decision (I'd only met one of them) was an expert in adhd. None. All psychiatrists but none specialised. I then said I wasn't happy and wanted to appeal. They said it didn't need an appeal and if I wasn't happy with the outcome they would refer me to the specialise adult ADHD department. I didn't even know there was one!

I arranged a call with my doctor 2-3 weeks later and she still hadn't received anything on my notes re being referred. It's August now so I'll give it to the end of the month and then call again.

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